My New Book On The PUPPP (PUPPS) Rash Is Out!

I’m super excited to announce that my new book, a self-help guide on getting rid of the PUPPP (a.k.a. PUPPS and PEP) pregnancy rash, is out on Amazon!

If you have no idea what the hell PUPPP is, consider yourself lucky. For those of you who have it, or know someone who does, this book provides a short, easy, step-by-step guide for getting rid of it. I got it really badly during my last pregnancy, and after trying virtually every bit of advice I had seen on the Internet, I finally found something that worked for me.

So, I wrote up a quick little guide for other women. It’s available on Amazon for free from Thursday, November 30 thru Monday, December 4. After that, those with Kindle Unlimited can still read it for free, or, if you don’t have KU, you can download it for $.99.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and this book doesn’t offer and shouldn’t be taken to offer medical advice. You should check with your doctor to get a proper diagnosis and to ensure that what worked for me is safe for you.